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Morphix Flatiron Grip - Thin Profile for Shading


Flatiron Grip from Morphix - Thin Profile for Shading 

Morphix has designed another grip to provide comfort for the tattoo artist. The thin profile of the Flatiron Grip allows the grip to rest more naturally in the cradle of your hand. It also allows for a 45º angle for shading when resting naturally in your hand. The Flatiron Grip contains metal threads to ensure years of use, has a non-slip texture and is designed for routine steam-heat sterilization. It measures 1.4” wide at the top, 2.25” tall, weighs 56g and is designed for use by both left and right handed artists. The design of the grip offsets the weight and vibration over a larger area, adding to the comfort. Use the Flatiron Grip with your lightest machine to optimize the benefits and balance of the grip. 

You will only receive the grip; the tube and tip are not included. 


  • Size: 1.4” wide at top, 2.25” tall

  • Weight: 56 grams

  • Rests more comfortably in hand

  • Creates 45º angle for shading

  • Manufacturer: Morphix

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