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Kwadron 0.35mm Long Taper - Turbo Round Liner

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Kwadron is one of the best tattoo needles ever made. 

We are proud to present REAL MARVEL among the needles. Each configuration is a combination of precision soldering super-mega-sharp elastic, long blades of increased hardness. This listing is for 0.35mm (Standard #12) turbo round liner long taper.

This is NOT cartridge needles. Please don’t confuse.

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kwadron TRL.jpg

Additional Info

From Kwadron;

90% of the market are needle from ordinary mild steel, which can be easily bend and solder quality is very poor.

Movement of the working needle in the tip results in a strong friction, the friction of the regular needle does not hold. Regular needles lose sharpness and what is the most important - serves filings under the skin. The effect of tattooing this kind of needles is such a miserable and skin needs several weeks to regenerate.

We offer you a perfectly soldered configurations of the highest quality needles. We guarantee that every needle in the package will just be perfect - evenly sharp needles ensure the highest quality of work. Many reputable tattoo artists appreciated the quality of our needles.