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Spektra Direkt 2 by FKIrons - Black - RCA


FK Irons Crossover Rotary Tattoo Machine – Spektra Direkt 2 – Black

This second edition FK Irons Spektra Direkt is the best yet in direct drive crossover tattoo machines. The Spektra Direkt 2 is engineered and manufactured in the US from a solid piece of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum, which is then mirror polished and anodized for a durable finish. This machine is compatible with both standard and cartridge needles, and features the patented Spektra MultiVise System that accepts both conventional backstem grips and screw-on style cartridge grips without using adaptors.


Like its predecessor, the Spektra Direkt 2 has an interchangeable stroke system with 2.8mm, 3.4mm, amd 4.0mm size stroke caps, and it has the same Hex Drive MotorBolt system, making it compatible with both Direkt 1 and Edge X motors. This machine is powerful and reliable for all types of work, and it runs silently at both high and low voltages.




  • Color: Black
  • CNC-machined from a solid piece of 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Patented Spektra MultiVise System allows use with conventional backstem and screw-on style cartridge grips without adaptors
  • 2.8mm, 3.4mm, and 4.0mm interchangeable stroke cap system
  • Hex Drive MotorBolt system allows use with Direkt (1) and Edge X motors
  • Reliable, powerful operation; silent at both high and low voltages
  • Clip-on armature; eliminates need for grommets
  • Compatible with standard needles and cartridge needles
  • Mirror polished and anodized in 7 different colors
  • Maintenance-free; does not require lubrication
  • Autoclave safe; do not ultrasonic wash
  • Engineered and manufactured in USA
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