Spektra Edge X by FKIrons - Black - RCA


Fallen King Irons’ Spektra Edge X Rotary Tattoo Machine in Black

Fallen King Irons’ Spektra Edge X is the first completely versatile rotary tattoo machine that comes complete with all options. While other rotary machines require adaptors to switch from conventional backstem style cartridges to screw-on style cartridges, the Spektra Edge X features an all new MultiVise design that accepts both. The Spektra Edge X also eliminates the need for interchangeable stroke wheels by having an adjustable stroke that goes from 2.8mm to 4.2mm with variable options in between. This means that whether you’re lining or color packing, you won’t need to change out the stroke wheel to match your tattooing needs.

The “Variable On-the-Fly” adjustable give is what sets the Spektra Edge X machine from others on the market. A micro dial adjusts your machine from having no give to full give with just one full turn. This is only available with the Spektra Edge X machine.

The Spektra Edge X is CNC machined from a solid piece of 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum for the utmost durability. It also features a unique drive-bar and slider that reduces friction and delivers a smooth performance while the machine is in use.  The removable stainless-steel drive-bar pivots to align with the tattoo machine when in use so that it can stabilize the bar and needle without washers. This is compatible with both FK Irons RPG grips and Cheyenne Hawk screw-on adjustable grips. The self-lubricating slider features ball bearing stabilization that ensures an accurate glide every time. Both of these features along with the HexDrive mechanism (also found with Spektra Direkt machines) prolong the life of this tattoo machine by reducing the amount of wear it gets over time.


  • Material: 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum, mirror-polished and anodized

  • Compatible with cartridge style needles only

  • “Variable Give On-the-Fly” – adjustable give

  • Patent pending MultiVise design eliminates need for adaptors

  • Adjustable stroke – 2.8mm to 4.2mm

  • Removable, pivoting stainless steel drive-bar

  • Self-lubricating slider with ball-bearing stabilization

  • Patent pending Hex Drive motor system

  • Made in the USA

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