Cheyenne Hawk Thunder - Red Motor with 25mm (1") Red Grip Sleeve


Hawk Thunder  Machine – Red Motor with Red 1” Grip Sleeve

The German-engineered Cheyenne tattoo machines are the ultimate tools of the trade, providing expert precision, speed, comfort, and versatility without any compromise. These machines are durable and incredibly powerful with a highly sensitive reaction time and higher puncture force and frequency, all of which allow tattoo artists to simply focus on their creative expression on skin.

The Cheyenne Hawk Thunder tattoo machine improves on the Hawk Spirit. Referred to as their “all-rounder”, the Hawk Thunder has even more power and increased stroke than its predecessors and can be used for all tattoo styles and concepts without sacrificing quality. There are more than 40 different needle cartridges that it can accommodate and with its simple replacement/cartridge system, hygienic and creative tattooing has never been easier

This listing is for the Red Hawk Thunder motor with a Red 25mm (1”) Grip Sleeve. This purchase includes a Hawk power cord and phono tip connector cord.

An adapter cord is needed to use the Hawk Thunder with other standard power supplies and a Start-Up Facility Cord may be necessary if you are experiencing issues getting it started. If you are using a non-Cheyenne power supply, such as Eikon or Critical, set it on 12V and lower the voltage once the Hawk Thunder starts running. The Hawk Thunder is compatible with Cheyenne power supplies without additional equipment.

Please use only Cheyenne Hawk Needle Cartridges with this machine (Please Note:  Use with non-certified Cheyenne Hawk Needle Cartridges will void the warranty). Resources are provided below for additional information, technical specifications, needle configurations, and more.


  • Red Hawk Thunder motor with 25mm (1") Red Grip Sleeve

  • Frequency:  70 – 170 strokes/second; 0-4mm depth

  • 12V DC precision ball-bearing motor

  • Nominal voltage:  5-12.5V DC

  • Hawk power cord and phono tip connector cord included

  • Compatible with 22mm and 25mm grips

  • Compatible with Cheyenne power supplies

  • Compatible with standard power supplies with Red/Black Banana Plug Connector Cord and Start-Up Facility Cord

  • Manufactured in Germany; certified Cheyenne professional tattoo equipment

  • Price per motor with one 25mm (1") grip sleeve

Key Features:

  • Higher puncture force and frequency than the Hawk Spirit machines

  • New drive and rotational speed; optimized eccentric tappet

  • Flexible and lightweight for every style

  • Ergonomic, lightweight grip design

  • Precise strokes with highly sensitive reaction times – suitable for every skin area and types

  • Easy, immediate needle depth adjustment and ergonomic handle bar adjustment

  • Accommodates over 40 needle cartridges

  • Meets strict hygiene regulations (ISO 9001 and 13485 Medical Guidelines in the U.S)

  • Efficient cartridge change and replacement

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