Cheyenne Sol Terra - Motor Only


Cheyenne SOL Terra Machine — Black Motor Only

Cheyenne SOL Terra offers artists an unmatched, revolutionized tattooing experience with SensiDrive®, setting a new standard for angled tattoo machines in the industry. This all-new innovative technology features two settings, Hard and Sensi, for two completely different experiences. The “Hard” setting is described as making the SOL Terra the perfect liner, while the “Sensi” setting allows artists to run the SOL Terra like a traditional coil machine.

The SOL Terra is Cheyenne’s quietest tattoo machine, along with the SOL Luna, with minimal to no vibration. SOL Terra employs a brushless DC motor that can operate at a lower frequency range from 25 Hz, providing a gentle and effortless, yet powerful experience. Artists will find the ability to control the motor through different settings will result in reduced pain during the procedure, absolute precision work, and a quicker healing process.

This listing is for the Cheyenne SOL Terra in Black. This machine has a 4mm stroke length for saturated lining and rich color packing. It has a 3.5mm jack, making it compatible with all Cheyenne power supplies.


  • Black SOL Terra motor only - Grips not included

  • Net Weight: 85g

  • Frequency: 25–150 Hz

  • Stroke Length: 4mm

  • Power Intake: 3W

  • Nominal Voltage: 5–12.6V DC

  • Machine Dimensions: 36mm x 94.2mm x 57.5mm

  • 3.5mm jack connection

  • Brushless DC Motor

  • Manufactured in Berlin, Germany; certified Cheyenne professional tattoo equipment

Key Features:

  • SensiDrive® technology with 2 motor-control algorithms

  • Cheyenne’s quietest tattoo machine with minimized vibration

  • Perfect for lining and color packing

  • Low frequency operation

  • Balanced, hygienic performance with Cheyenne cartridge needles

  • High-tech, durable anodized body for effortless cleaning and safe practice

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