Mojoslider by Dan Kubin


The Mojoslider is the first product in DK Small Batch project.

This machine is a slider all on its own, completely unique to any other slider on the market.

The Mojoslider is an impact with dampening style rotary, similar to the concept of the Mojobox and Sidewinder.

It is a good all around tool for solid saturation with any sized mag, and 1-11 round liners.

Runs ideally in the 4-7 volt range.

It can be ran with standard needles or cartridges. If using cartridges, I highly recommend using a rubber band style cartridge, or a low tension membrane.
Most membrane cartridges have too much tension to work with such an aggressive, punchy action.

There are two different ways to modify the hit.
1: flipping the polarity changes the hit from sharp to slightly more “dull”, which is great for shading/blending or sold fill work on tight skin.
Positive up will hit sharper, ideal for lining and heavier shading.

2: The artist can use their rubber band to position over or under the protruding post on the slide to change the force and dampening of the hit. (Please see the Mojoslider setup video.)

The binding posts and thumbscrew can be secured on either side of the frame.

This machine is in the 5 oz range, with the center mass being low and forward for a very stable, ergonomic feel on the hand.

Please keep lubricants to a minimum.
It can actually run dry, but I like to put a single drop of Tri-Flo or Superlube on the slide rails. Maybe once a month, or if it seems to act sluggish.
Wipe off the excess.
Too much oil is like too much ointment on a fresh tattoo.
-Your customers think it’s the best way, while we know that’s the worst thing to do!

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