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Scorpion by Ink machines - Evil Black


Scorpion in Evil Black by Ink Machines - Regular Cartridge setting

Designed with the tattoo artists in focus

With active vibration damping, smooth contactless magnetic needle drive and improved cross contamination control. The unique kinetic design allows fast saturation but also does minimal damage to the skin.

The Scorpion utilizes Neo cartridge needles especially designed for best possible hygiene and smoothness. Organizing and overall workspace orderliness is easier than ever with magnetic fixation, secures the needles where you want them when working.
Now it can also be used for Regular cartridges ( "Cheyenne type" ) with adjustable give.

Included in the box:

  • 1pcs Scorpion tattoo machine with standard 22mm aluminium grip.

  • 1pcs Drive magnet Standard (White).

  • 1pcs Drive magnet Strong (Red).

  • 1pcs Tool kit No.90

  • 1pcs Conversion kit No.110

  • 1pcs Needle stand. 4 needles can be placed on this stand.

  • 1pcs Oil.


  • Color: Evil Black

  • Machine Weight: 107g

  • Stroke length: 4mm

  • Input voltage: 0–12v DC; works with regular power supplies

  • Able to push needles up to 27mag

  • RPM: 0–8 000 rpm/min

  • Stitches/sec: 0–130/sec

  • Use with Regular cartridge needles

  • Low vibration for comfortable procedures

  • Non-contact magnetic needle drive

  • Equipped with standard white magnet

  • Comes with strong red magnet; ideal for tough skin (can be used for needle inspection)

  • Magnetic fixation secures needles

  • RCA or clip cord connection

  • Specifically compatible with Scorpion grips and Neo-cartridge tattoo needles

  • Comes with Scorpion Rotary Machine Conversion Kit No. 110 and Precision Tool Kit No. 90

  • Made in Sweden


TPS-500 Complete Kit for Scorpion

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