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Sidewinder V6.1 by Dan Kubin


The renouned rotary liner.  Effortlessly sink any size line by just grazing the skin.

Now easier to tune and has the silent option.

Fully adjustable.  This machine is more of a professional's instrument rather than a "plug and play" machine.  

Can be used as a shader/packer, but does best running on the faster side.

For Standard needles only PLEASE.  (for a cartridge friendly liner, please check out the DMC)

Be sure to use round tube tips to prevent spitting!

Made in USA

Click Additional Info for tuning and setup videos.

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DK V6.1 Black.jpeg

Additional Info

From Dan Kubin;

The ultimate lining machine! Period.

For singles to loose 18's, this machine can do it smoothly & effortlessly at low volts. For the V6 I have spared no expense in the quality of components used. Now featuring a smaller, smoother, stronger motor that has just recently become available this year! I am very happy to be able of offer this to my customers.

  • Expect more range from slow to fast, hard or soft as compared to my previous models.

  • Less mechanical noise

  • Less volts for same speed

  • Better control with smaller groupings as well as more power for large groupings

  • Smaller profile, but same weight as the V4

  • Less vibration

  • Timing marks on frame and cam for easy impact screw tuning

  • Can be used as a shader/packer if you like to shade on the faster side

  • Can be used for effortless stippling (even with larger configurations) if the stroke is lengthened and volts are turned down.

  • Not intended for use with cartridges - I will have a cartridge liner/shader ready soon!!


I have been on a constant mission to develop a Sidewinder that is easier to tune, stay in tune, and be able to drive the largest of liners, while having a large enough power band to handle the small stuff as well. This machine has met those requirements, and I am excited to get them into the hands of skilled tattooers!

Loving your labor begins with the right tools!