Hyper V3 by Stigma-Rotary


Stigma Rotary Hyper V3 Black

Much stronger. And super soft. The new V3.

We proudly present the new Stigma Rotary Hyper V3 machine.
The new innovation from Stigma Rotary is the most flexible Rotary on the market.
The improved technology allows to set up the Hyper V3 as soft as never before.
Optimal preconditions for desired results in any tattoo motif. 
NEW improvements for the Stigma Hyper V3 Rotary:

- Super soft to super hard adjustment
- Precision adjustable needle stabilizer
- New tube vice locking system for grips
- New frame design. Even more ergonomic and well balanced
- Greatest overall performance - the softest Rotary on the market

Technical Details

Weight: 115 grams
Stroke: 3,6 - 6,0 mm manually adjustable
Engine: 4.5 watt made in Switzerland
Connections: RCA and clip cord connections on all Hyper V3
Adjustment: Manual Lining, shading and coloring
Voltage adjustment: 7 - 12 volt
Stitches per minute: 3,000 - 10,000
Material of the frame: anodized aircraft aluminum

Stigma Rotary Machines comply with the fundamental requirements for safety and hygiene EC directive.

Each delivery of a Hyper V3 includes an instruction manual. Please read and use all information of the instruction to operate the new machine properly.

* The positive pole (+) on the clip cord connection is the UPPER one.
* The positive pole (+) on the RCA is in the CENTER.
* When your machine does not run by the clip cord, just turn your clip cord upside down.
* When your machine does not run by the RCA then switch the poles on your cord or on your power supply.

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