Hyper V4 by Stigma-Rotary


Stigma Rotary Hyper V4 Black

One of the world’s leaders in rotary tattoo machine manufacturing, Stigma-Rotary® is devoted to creating ergonomic, convenient, and nearly indestructible machines for professional tattoo artists.


Like its predecessors, the Hyper V4 Tattoo Machine is an anodized aircraft aluminum constructed hybrid machine with versatile and adjustable features. The machine employs the favored Swiss-made motor used in other Hyper machines, but now offers 6 watt power. This motor has a 2mm shaft diameter and two preloaded ball bearings. In addition to an increase in power wattage, artists can effortlessly adjust the Hyper V4’s stroke length from 3mm to 4mm by twisting the motor. Artists can also adjust the machine’s give from super soft to solid hard by simply turning the give screw above the slider.


The Hyper V4 maintains the versatility of former Hyper models, able to operate with both standard tattoo needles and cartridge needles. One of its most standout features is its universal screw-on connection, allowing for compatibility with all major brand cartridge grips.


This listing is for the Stigma® Hyper V4 in Black. Two hex allen keys, one stay-up spring, one give spring (for use with cartridges), Super Lube (synthetic grease), and an instruction manual are included with your purchase.




  • Color: Black
  • Machine Weight: 98g
  • Stroke Length: 3mm up to 4mm
  • Easily adjustable give (super soft to solid hard)
  • 6W Swiss-made motor; 2mm shaft and two preloaded ball bearings
  • Gold-plated RCA connection
  • Compatible with standard tattoo needles and major brand cartridge needles
  • Universal screw-on connection for cartridge and standard grips
  • Manufactured in Germany
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