Thorn by Stigma-Rotary - 3.5mm Satin Black


Stigma® Thorn Rotary Machine in Satin Black — 3.5mm Stroke

One of the world’s leaders in rotary machine manufacturing, Stigma-Rotary® is devoted to creating ergonomic, convenient, and nearly indestructible machines for professional tattoo artists.

The Stigma-Rotary® Thorn gives artists the sensation that they are tattooing with nothing but a grip. This sensation is ode to the pen’s remarkably compact and lightweight construction, measuring only 9.3cm in length and weighing only 115g. Most of the Thorn’s weight is focused at the front of the machine, which lends it a comfortable and balanced feel. Featuring interchangeable cartridge receivers, this machine is versatile and compatible with all cartridge needle brands. It also boasts a protected RCA connection for durability and comes equipped with a powerful 6 Watt Swiss-made Maxon motor. This motor is a powerhouse with a 2mm shaft and two preloaded ball bearings.

The Stigma-Rotary® Thorn is available in 3.5mm Satin Black, Army Green, and Red. This listing is for the Stigma-Rotary® Thorn in Satin Black with a 3.5mm stroke length.


  • Color: Satin Black

  • Stroke: 3.5mm

  • Machine Weight: 115g

  • Machine Length: 9.3cm

  • Compact pen-style machine with anti-roll design

  • Feels like tattooing with nothing but a grip

  • 6W Swiss Maxon Motor; 2mm shaft and 2 preloaded ball bearings

  • Protected RCA connection

  • Compatible with all cartridge brands

  • Manufactured in Germany

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