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Cheyenne Power Supply PU2


Cheyenne Power Unit II Tattoo Power Supply - Double Output for up to Two Machines

Use the Cheyenne Power Unit I to start up your Cheyenne Hawk machine reliably and with ease. While other standard power supplies may require the Start-Up Facility Cord, the PU1 has a built-in starter cable chip that makes it possible to get your Hawk machine running at 4-6V. The stroke frequency can be easily adjusted and regulated with this power supply during the working process, between 60 to 160 strokes per second. The digital, touch-screen front and its compact size makes the PU1 ideal for travel, storage, and an overall hygienic tattooing process. The Cheyenne PU1 comes with a single output for one tattoo machine and a wall power adapter cord.


  • Two outputs for up to two Hawk machines or any standard rotary or coil tattoo machines

  • Touch screen front; digital display

  • Lightweight, compact design

  • Easy regulation of stroke frequency between 60 – 160 strokes

  • Built-in jump-start chip/integrated board

  • Wall power adapter cord included

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