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Cheyenne Footswitch


Black Foot Pedal – Cheyenne Professional Tattoo Equipment

This newly designed Cheyenne Footswitch provides tattoo artists with the stability needed during the tattoo procedure. This round pedal has a thin 6.5ft connection cable with a cinch plug, 360° accessibility so it can be operated from all sides, and sturdy springs so that artists can rest their feet without unintentionally activating the switch. Its balanced weight of only 0.5 lbs and special 3M rubber nonskid pads help keep the footswitch stable during use. It is minimalistic in design with a durable construction, falling under Protection Class IP X6. This footswitch is certified Cheyenne professional tattoo equipment; a Quality Checked ticket with a signature and stamped date is included with each footswitch.

Please Note: In order to use your Cheyenne Footswitch with a regular power supply, such as Critical or Eikon power supplies, use the Cheyenne Hawk RCA Adapter Cable with the Cheyenne Hawk Spare Phono Tip Connector Cord. The RCA Adapter Cable connects this foot pedal to the Spare Phono Tip Connector Cord; the Spare Phono Tip Connector Cord then connects to your power supply.


  • Net Weight:  245g (~0.5lbs)

  • 360° accessibility – can be operated from all sides

  • 6.5’ (2m) connection cable with cinch plug; thin and flexible

  • Balanced weight and special 3M rubber nonskid base for stability

  • Strong springs to eliminate unintentional activation

  • Solid construction; class IP X6 protection

  • New minimalistic design

  • Certified Cheyenne professional tattoo equipment

  • Manufactured in Germany

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