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iPower Watch - Black


Power Supply for Tattoo Machines and USB-Compatible Electronic Devices — iPower® Watch in Black

Carefully manufactured to conserve time and energy during tattoo and permanent makeup procedures, the iPower® Watch is a must-have power supply that negates the necessity of a traditional adapter or voltage stabilizer. The iPower® Watch is a battery-operated device with a micro USB output connector, allowing for quick and convenient connection to tattoo machines without long wires or extensive preparations. It can also be used to charge other electronic devices compatible with a USB cable, such as your smartphone.


The iPower® band wraps comfortably around the wrist with a four-magnet clasp and a ballast-surfaced cover for a secure fit; it is able to fit wrists up to 8-3/4" in circumference. The band also features a centered power/switch button and five indicator lights. Simply hold the power button for two seconds to turn on the watch; all five indicator lights will flash when the device is on and ready to operate. The power button is also used to easily change the output voltage to a different range. 

This listing is for the iPower® Watch in Black. Each watch comes in a display case with a sliding storage compartment containing one DC cord, one RCA cord, one Hawk cord, and one USB charging cord.


Please Note: This device is able to fit wrists up to a maximum size of 8-3/4" in circumference. The magnetic clasp is adjustable to fit smaller wrists, but cannot accommodate wrists larger than 8-3/4". Optimal room temperature range for this device is 10°C to 35°C (50°F to 95°F). Changes from cold to warm work environments can cause condensation to form on the device and potentially damage its internal parts.



  • Color: Black
  • Able to fit wrists up to 8-3/4"
  • Micro USB output connector for tattoo machines and other devices
  • iPower® band with four-magnet clasp and ballast-surfaced cover
  • Power/switch button for device operation and output settings
  • Five indicator lights and control module
  • Battery-powered; 6 lithium batteries total (1500mAh)
  • Operates on an output power of 5V up to 11V
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