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Musotoku Clamping Arm


Clamping Arm Mechanism with Easy-Turn Lock by Musotoku

Enjoy a totally versatile set-up with the Musotoku Clamp Arm! Specifically designed to be compatible with the Musotoku Power Supply, this mechanism features a clamp on one end that is able to fix itself onto any surface in your tattoo studio or at conventions. The other end of the arm features a threaded bolt, which attaches to your Musotoku Power Supply. It has three free-range operational moves that permit almost any position for a totally adjustable assembly. This arm also features an adjustable braking lock; with a quick and easy turn of a knob, lock the mechanism into your preferred position for optimal stability.


  • Length: 11” (~28cm)

  • Compatible with Musotoku power supply; attaches with threaded bolt

  • Lock nut tightens to power supply for increased stability

  • Easy-turn braking mechanism locks arm in preferred position

  • Attaches to almost any surface; clamp opens up to 66mm

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