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Musotoku Magnetic Stand


Magnetic Stand with Pivoting Mechanism by Musotoku

Enjoy a configurable set-up with the Musotoku Magnetic Stand! Specifically designed to be compatible with the Musotoku Power Supply, this mechanism is sturdy, durable, compact, and, most importantly, easy to use. The stand has three magnetic feet, allowing it to affix to any metallic or magnetic surface; it has a powerful magnetic pull force of 30kg for stability during procedures. The threaded bolt at the end of the stand perfectly attaches to the rear nut of the Musotoku Power Supply. This stand also features a pivoting mechanism, allowing you to angle your power supply properly so that it can attach to the sides of metallic surfaces.


  • Sturdy steel construction

  • Magnetic pull force of 30kg

  • Three magnetic feet; attaches to any magnetic surface

  • Screwing mechanism attaches to Musotoku power supply

  • Pivoting mechanism allows assembly on the side of a counter or table

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