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TPS-500 complete Power Supply kit for Scorpion


Complete Kit for Scorpion Tattoo Machine — TPS-500 Power Supply, Foot Pedal, Scorpion Powerpacks, and Scorpion Charger Bay

This all-inclusive power supply kit from Ink Machines Sweden features the TPS-500, a second generation wireless power supply with radio connections for wireless efficiency.

The TPS-500 main unit is designed as a modular system, so that artists can customize it to their needs to power their Dragonfly, Stingray, or Scorpion tattoo machine. It also features standard 1/4” connections for full compatibility with other tattoo machines and footswitches.

This complete kit is especially designed for the Scorpion, containing empty units that perfectly accommodate the sleek machine for artists on-the-go. It comes complete with a wireless foot switch, two Scorpion powerpacks, and a Scorpion charger bay. The Scorpion power packs have a lifespan of approximately 5 hours and are good for 500 recharges. A complete list of the kit contents is provided below.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 TS-500 power supply

  • 1 Wireless foot switch

  • 1 Charger bay for Scorpion

  • 2 Power packs

  • 1 Neorail cartridge needle holder

  • 1 USB cord

  • 1 Power cord

TPS-500 Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 78mm (W) x 107mm (L) x 35mm (D)

  • Compatible with various machines and foot pedals

  • Output Voltage: 5–13v

  • Operating Temperature: 10–35 degrees C; indoor use only

  • Modular system; charger bay and batteries are replaceable

  • LCD display for user-friendly interface

  • Hygienically and ergonomically designed

  • Handles up to 6 powerpacks

  • Built-in kickstart allows start-up at low voltage; feature not necessary for Scorpion machines

  • More power and torque available with boost mode

  • Made in Sweden

TPS-500 Manual

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