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TPS-500 complete Power Supply kit for Dragonfly/Stingray


Complete Kit for Dragonfly/Stingray Tattoo Machine — TPS-500 Power Supply, Foot Pedal, Dragonfly/Stingray Powerpacks, and Dragonfly/Stingray Charger Bay

This all-inclusive power supply kit from Ink Machines Sweden features the TPS-500, a second generation wireless power supply with radio connections for wireless efficiency.

The TPS-500 main unit is designed as a modular system, so that artists can customize it to their needs to power their Dragonfly, Stingray, or Scorpion tattoo machine. It also features standard 1/4” connections for full compatibility with other tattoo machines and footswitches.

This complete kit comes with a wireless foot switch, two Dragonfly/Stingray powerpacks, and a Dragonfly/Stingray charger bay. The Dragonfly/Stingray power packs have a lifespan of approximately 5 hours and are good for 500 recharges. A complete list of the kit contents is provided below.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 TS-500 power supply

  • 1 Wireless foot switch

  • 1 Charger bay for Dragonfly/Stingray

  • 2 Power packs for Dragonfly/Stingray

  • 1 USB cord

  • 1 Power cord

TPS-500 Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 78mm (W) x 107mm (L) x 35mm (D)

  • Compatible with various machines and foot pedals

  • Output Voltage: 5–13v

  • Operating Temperature: 10–35 degrees C; indoor use only

  • Modular system; charger bay and batteries are replaceable

  • LCD display for user-friendly interface

  • Hygienically and ergonomically designed

  • Handles up to 6 powerpacks

  • Built-in kickstart allows start-up at low voltage; feature not necessary for Scorpion machines

  • More power and torque available with boost mode

  • Made in Sweden

TPS-500 Manual

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