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Wireless RCA Battery Pack


RCA Battery Pack with Five Voltage Indicators for Wireless Tattooing

Tattoo artists can enjoy wireless procedures with this RCA Battery Pack. Compatible with most rotary tattoo machines on the market, this RCA Battery Pack turns on by simply holding the power button at the very top of the device. Below the power button are five indicator lights that represent the operating output voltage. This battery pack can operate from 3V to 12V in 1V increments.

Artists can easily adjust the voltage on this RCA battery pack using the power button at the top and the square button located at the bottom of the device. A simple click or short-press of the power button increases the voltage, while clicking or short-pressing the square button decreases the voltage.

When fully charged, this device allows artists to tattoo efficiently for 3–5 hours average, depending on the operating voltage being used. It is recommended to have at least 1 other battery pack on standby in the event that your battery power starts to fade during tattoo procedures. Additionally, artists can short-press any button on the power pack to view power consumption (battery life) when the device is powered off. This listing is for one RCA battery pack complete with a USB cable for charging the device.


  • Net Weight: 52.5g (1.85oz)

  • Input Voltage: DC5V/1A

  • Output Voltage: 3V–12V; 1V increments

  • Works with most rotary tattoo machines on the market

  • Comes with 5 voltage indicator lights

  • Increase or decrease voltage with convenient short-press of buttons

  • Comes with USB cable for charging

Please Note:
Always turn off the power before removing this battery pack from your tattoo machine. Failure to do so will cause the built-in failsafe to shut down the device.

To reset your battery pack, plug it into a power outlet and allow it to charge. The battery pack will become operable after approximately one hour.

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