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Stencil Plus (100ml) by Aloe Tattoo (Vegan Product)


Stencil Plus is a Premium product.

  • Fast and easy to apply

  • Longer lasting effect in all types of tattoos

  • More definition

Instructions for use:

Spray once or twice on the skin and spread the product. Wait five minutes before tattooing, once the stencil is transferred onto the skin.

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Additional Info

AloeTattoo® is committed to provide professional tattoo artists with a range of natural tattoo skin care products made from natural oils and plants. We aim to do this by achieving quality, safety and efficiency in everything we do.

The main ingredient of all our products is Aloe vera obtained from the plant Aloe barbadensis Miller. Aloe vera is a natural skin soother and has proven healing properties. Our exclusive formulation using Aloe vera together with other natural ingredients such as dexpanthenol and calendula, makes AloeTattoo® a perfect natural tattoo skin care treatment suitable for all skin types.

Our skin care products contain 100% natural active ingredients, are suitable for vegans and are not tested on animals.